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Extreme Training Aids - Friend or Foe?

Shock, pinch, choke...what should we really know about these extreme training aids? Accepted for years as standard for dogs, they now come under more scrutinizing consideration as we move into new and more conscious training methods. We as a society are taking a different view in the way we train and treat animals. Find out the scoop on this really hot topic in an upcoming featured story in Dogology Magazine!

Starting Off Right

What should you look for when selecting a dog for your family? How do you know if you are making the right choice? It is important to decide on your next dog by more than breed or looks alone. You may be sorry if you take the first puppy that crawls up in your lap, but then again you may not. Learn what tests to perform and the tell-tell signs in choosing the dog or puppy that will best fit into your lifestyle. It's all coming soon in Dogology Magazine!

Surgical or Chemical Castration?

Did you even know you had a choice? Learn from our vet expert about the latest in male neutering. Discover the pros and cons and what to consider to make your choice. Dogology Magazine discusses the latest on health and well being for your canine friend, addressing real science and alternative methods of care too!

Joint Pain Alternatives

Arthritis is prevelent in our dogs today and medication effects need to be carefully monitored for liver or kidney damage. But is there another way to find releif and support? Let us introduce to you some surprising benefits that are available and help you decide which is best for your best buddy. Find out about alternatives in joint maintenance from our vet expert in an upcoming feature in Dogology Magazine!