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Audio learning is great because you can learn while on the go! Any of these mp3 files will load right onto your phone, tablet, or mp3 player. You can listen while walking, running, driving, exercising and more.

Delinda VanneBrightyn brings you quick and easy to follow action steps to enhance your handling and training techniques. Bringing together her years of experience owning and handling dogs, Delinda teaches you the key elements to be a consistently successful and knowledgable owner. Learn to read and better understand your dog and other dogs, anticipate problems before they occur, and be ahead of the game, keeping your dog safe, secure, and happy.

For the last ten years, Delinda has trained and handled dogs for search and rescue, serving as the K-9 unit's leader for 9 of those years. Additionally, she has solved various problem behaviors for her private clients from severe fear, separation anxiety, and obsessive behaviors to excessive barking, chasing, and aggression.

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Since Dogoglogy was founded in June, 2013, only a few audios are currently available. More will become available over the next few months and if you join our mailing list, you will not only receive our newsletter, but will be informed as the newest audios and videos are released.

Current Available Audios... be released August 1, 2013. Available now for pre-order.

Series 1:

1. Your Role and Your Domesticated Dog

What is your true role with your dog? Begin learning or review the basics of good, solid leadership and why it is so important to your dog's overall health and well being.

Purchase Series 1: Audio 1 - $3.99

2. Your Consistency Factor

How consistent are you, really? This audio might surprise you as Delinda helps you better your human/dog relationship through cleaning up a few small, but little known bad habits between you and your dog.

Purchase Series 1: Audio 2 - $3.99

3. Protector - Dog vs. Man

What role are you really playing with your dog? Delinda helps you assess how you might be jeopardizing your dog's confidence and trust.

Purchase Series 1: Audio 3 - $3.99

4. Training Intention

What is your intention? Delinda shows you how to improve your own focus so you can improve your dog's focus too...and that's where training begins.

Purchase Series 1: Audio 4 - $3.99

5. Fair Is Fair

What is fair to your dog and to you? Since dogs have an uncanny since of fairness, it is important to be a strait shooter with them. This audio helps you assess and communicate more clearly and fairly. Remember, we talk a lot, but dogs communicate better in other ways.

Purchase Series 1: Audio 5 - $3.99

6. Talk Is Cheap

When first building a relationship with your dog, "blah, blah, blah" is mostly what our dog really hears. However, over time, dogs can develop very sophisticated vocabularies, especially if you set the right foundation for learning your language.

Purchase Series 1: Audio 6 - $3.99

7. Appropriate Behavior

In human society, we operate through learned appropriate behaviors so that everyone can play more nicely together. We all remember kindergarden rules. So, does your dog behave appropriately too? This audio talks about what is appropriate and what is not. Although dogs are dogs, they also live among us humans, and thus, fare better among us observing certain niceties. These taught boundaries are the beginning of buliding a deep, balanced and lasting relationship.

Purchase Series 1: Audio 7 - $3.99

8. Training Intention

What is your intention? Delinda shows you how to improve your own focus so you can improve your dog's focus too...and that's really where training begins.

Purchase Series 1: Audio 8 - $3.99

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Series 1

This series gives you some introductory basics to establishing and developing an appropriate relationship with your dog for best behavior results. It helps you understand leadership from the dog's prospective, helps you know how to recognize and work with your dog's individual and unique temperament.

This series also delves into some basics of understanding how your dog might be communicating with you and how you might be communicating, or mis-communicating, to your dog without even knowing it.

Purchase Series 1: Audios 1-8 = $27.00 (save 15%)