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Explore and discover the best products for you and your dog! These pages are not cluttered with just anything and everything.

Each product here is carefully considered, selected and personally used by Delinda, her fellow trainers, or by those in her network of dog experts. Next, we research people's experience with the product across the web, distilling those experiences into useful information for you. Then, we go one step further by offering our personal expertise in how to effectively use and employ these fine products.

And no need to wade through tons of unrelevant products. Our Product Pages are very concisly organized, making products easy to find.

While there is no product that is right for every dog or person, we do hope that we can save you time, energy and take some of the confusion or mystery out of which product might be right for you. These pages are updated as newer products and information is made available. If we have been able to serve you in any way through these pages, then we are grateful. Enjoy!

1. The Basics:


We have selected tried and true toys for their longevity and drive pleasing. We also give you tips on utilizing these toys to their max....Just add dog for hours of laughter and fun!



Not all treats are created equal. Treats should be selected for purpose and health. We tell you why and when to use each healthy treat selected here.



We've selected some tools to make training more fun and effortless. Also included are helpful hints on when and how to use these helpful little puppies!


Dine and Drink

While you want your dog to dine in style, safety is more important. Find the best, safe dishes here for food and water.


Collars and Leads

Our collection is lovely, practical and durable. Let us spoil you and your dog with our favorites for training, outings, and fun!


Health and Grooming

Find out about natural aides for health and longevity while keeping your dog looking and feeling his/her best too!



2. At & Around Home:


With ease and style...



Creature comforts...



Sleep tight, sweetheart...



Tags, PFD's, lights, and more...



3. Specialty Gear:

Dogs On The Go!

Get the right equipment for traveling and those adventure excursions into the great outdoors.


Competetive Dog!

We have grouped together top gear for agility, flyball, dock-diving, frisbee, Shutzhund, obedience, herding, conformation, and more.

Competition Equipment

Working Dog!

For those special working dogs in your life, get some of our favorite tools of the trade for scent service dogs and police dogs, right here on Dogology!

Working Equipment

Service Dog!

Pamper and protect your best helper with all the right indentification and tools for the imperative jobs that they perform.

Service Equipment

4. Human Fun:

For the Two-Leggeds!

This is doggy love for the humans. Check out our great collection that shows your love and support of dogs....

For Humans

Four-Legged Fun for Humans!

Ok, if your dog tolerates, or even loves, things such as dress-up and other human antics, then this is the place for you...

For Dogs

5. Knowledge: Let the learning begin!

Choose just how you like to learn...


Books on training, interest, science and more!



Listen and learn all about dogs!



Get the best videos from top trainers!